Southeast Utilities was spun off of CCU in 1997 as the two sons of the founder started to expand in the Florida and Georgia and South Carolina markets. They offer full service in CATV, Telephone and Power construction including underground trenching, plowing, missle and directional boring, aerial construction for CATV consisting of maintenance, new build, fiber, and 24 hour call out on master contracts, pre-wire and post wire on commercial and MDU buildings as well as sweepand certification of the cable facilities. Southeast Utilities presently has preferred contracts with Comcast nationally, Carolina Power, Uniti Fiber, Unity Fiber Leasing, CenturyLink, MediaCom, Newberry Electric, Parrish Construction, Level 3 Communications, AT&T, Arris, Jefferson Energy, Northland Cable, as well as most counties and municipalities surrounding office locations. We currently have offices in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm, Augusta, Savannah, Charleston, Newberry, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Panama City, Chattanooga, Memphis, Fayetteville, Huntsville, Columbia, and Greenville.

Last year, Southeast Utilities did more than $45 million in sales, completed over 1000 miles of retrofit, 300 miles of new build underground and aerial construction, and 200 miles of fiberoptic construction (splicing and certification).

Also, SEU has extensive experience in deploying and leading Storm Restoration Teams in response to weather-related disasters. Recently, Southeast deployed rapid-response teams in the wake of Hurricance Michael (2018), Hurricane Irma (2017), Hurricane Hermine (2016) and Hurricane Matthew (2016). During these months-long deployments, Southeast has coordinated up to 100 crews working 7-days a week.

General Overview of Projects

Southeast Utilities, Inc. has worked on many SCADA projects over the past 25 years for several Cooperatives and Municipalities. In 1993 one of our area managers built Georgia’s first SCADA system in Newnan, GA. We are currently rebuilding this project in several phases. Our business has grown by leaps and bounds from those early days to where we are now designing and building other systems throughout the entire southeast. One of our most present builds was finished in 2017 for Newberry Electric Coop. In 2016 we designed and built over 100 miles. Our company is in the process of launching a 1,500 mile fiber project for a rural Internet service in the surrounding area.

In 2017 SEU started an aggressive system upgrade in Florida, ranging from Jacksonville over to Panama City. This is a node plus zero platform with approximately 50 nodes a week currently being upgraded. This extensive project is scheduled to finish in 2020.

Also, in 2017 SEU opened a new office in Fayetteville, Tennessee to support a system wide upgrade for Mediacom. This project consists of a fiber overbuild and electronic upgrade ranging down toward Huntsville, Alabama.

For the last 5 years we have been working in Florida on a node split project for Comcast that encompass the entire North Florida and Southern Georgia area. This project is to reduce the amount of customers per node and has no end in sight.

The commercial and residential fiber business has exploded in all of our areas. Projects such as Metro E and FTTP are the next wave in the communication industry. We have been involved since their inception and lead the way in all of our markets. Our fiber staff has decades of experience and continue to grow their education in new technologies entering this field.

Southeast Utilities is committed to excellence in service and has implemented strong management programs to guide, measure and track our progress towards success. These programs are very effective in producing safe practices, employee growth, statuary compliance and consistent quality. The programs are structured to provide feedback from the consumer as well as the Southeast representative on matters pertaining to service schedules, safety, cost control, quality and customer satisfaction. While all programs are critical to successful delivery of services, some of the most important programs are listed below:

Total Quality Management

This is the heart of every exceptional service program that leads to perpetual quality. Quality and service is of the utmost importance to Southeast Utilities and is the basic expectation of the customer. Southeast Utilities ensures high service and quality by focusing on the four basic elements of a TQM program: specification, training, inspection/measurement and management. Customer expectations and specification of responsibility are transcended into specific employee job routes and supported by special training. General and specific training is coordinated by Southeast Utilities training department and includes performance and safety issues. A comprehensive inspection plan involves all levels of site and corporate management track and measure performance. TQM results are issued formally to the customer and Southeast Utilities executive management.

Risk Management

This is the title of the aggregate of the programs and staffing put in place to monitor, control and protect the assets of the company and the customer. Key programs and positions involved in this effort are: safety and accident prevention, training and education, and human resources.

Safety and Accident Prevention

The safety of the customer’s and our employees is a prime concern of our management team at all times. This program focuses its primary attention on preventative safety. Utilizing the combined resources of our insurance carriers and suppliers, we investigate and followup accidents and near accidents to ensure there is no opportunity for reoccurrence. We partner with the customer to provide the safest workplace possible.

Training and Education

The objective of Southeast Utilities’ training program is to provide all employees with sufficient knowledge of safety, technical matters, procedures, equipment and security so they may perform their tasks safely and effectively. Each employee receives a combination of classroom training, one on one training and on the job training. It is the goal of the program to not only train the employees but to education them so they perform their assignments to the maximum of their potential and the expectations of the customer.